June 15
Fall Term

Petition deadline for the fall term.

November 1
Spring Term

Petition deadline for the spring term.

Reinstatement Petition Review Process

Petitions are reviewed by a Reinstatement Committee and there is no guarantee of approval.

Most students who are approved for reinstatement have completed nine or more credit hours at another college or university with no grades below a C and a GPA > 2.5 or have been away from higher education for three years or more.

Reinstatement Committee decisions are based on a comprehensive review of:

  • The content and quality of the reinstatement essay
    • Consider the essay as you would a graded assignment. Follow the directions and address all the essay questions listed in the petition form.
  • Grades earned at another college or university
    • Submitting grades from another campus is not required when petitioning for reinstatement but is strongly recommended.
    • When grades are submitted to support the petition, a CGPA > 2.5 with no grade below a C in the most recent semester or two is required.
    • Nine or more credit hours per term is recommended.
  • Declared major
    • The major/program must be realistic/accessible.
    • In some cases a major change will be required before reinstatement is approved.
  • Any other relevant information in the academic record, including number of terms since dismissal.
  • Any additional and pertinent information the student chooses to provide.

IU Bloomington's FRESH START policy may be an option to consider if a student has been away from IUB for three years or more. Qualified students must discuss their unique situations with a SIT advisor before submitting a Fresh Start application. If you have been dismissed and qualify for Fresh Start, you still need to submit a Reinstatement petition and be approved before being eligible to return. 

Reinstatement decisions are communicated via email.