Finding your best fit

Welcome! Advising and Major Exploration Services (AMES) is here to help undergraduate students  find an academic home on the Bloomington campus that best fits their interests, strengths, and long-term goals.

Pre-Major Advising

Pursuing admission to a limited capacity major in Kelley School of Business or School of Nursing? You will be assigned to an AMES academic advisor to assist you as you transition to academic life at IU and navigate the admission requirements for your school.

You advisor will help you understand the requirements and standards of your intended school, help you learn about the range of pathways to your academic and career goals, and support you in making informed decisions about your education.

Exploratory Advising

Not sure of your major? If your major is Exploratory, you will be assigned an AMES advisor to support you in your college transition and find the major that's the best fit for you.

If you are reconsidering your major or know you would like to change to another academic school, an AMES advisor can help you explore your options and navigate that transition.

Our advisors will help you learn about majors and other academic programs connected to your strengths and interests, help you craft an educational plan that supports your long-term goals, and will support you in making informed decisions about your education.

Transition and Pre-Transfer Advising

Have a unique situation, exploring major or minor options outside of your current academic school or planning a big transition? Sometimes students have circumstances that fall outside of or between services typically offered by other university offices. Fill out our intake form, and an AMES advisor will reach out to help you with your situation.

Some situations we assist with:

  • Transitioning from one academic school to another at IU Bloomington.
  • Academically ineligible to continue in your current school and need some guidance on how to move forward.
  • Returning to IU Bloomington after a long hiatus and ready to complete your degree.
  • Considering transferring to IU Bloomington and want to consult with an advisor as you make your decision.
AMES advisors will help you investigate and identify solutions that make the most sense for your circumstances and goals.