Calculate Your Target GPA

Raising your cumulative GPA

Use this tool to determine what semester GPA will be necessary to raise your Cumulative GPA to a target GPA you are planning to reach.

To calculate your projected GPA based on your current grades, go to Student Central on Union’s website.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of the grade points earned from all classes taken over a specific period of time. A semester (or term) GPA is the grade point average you received during a semester. A cumulative GPA is the Grade Point Average of your overall academic performance and includes all course work pursued at all IU campuses.

Your cumulative GPA is at the bottom of your unofficial IU Bloomington transcript in the Student Undergraduate Program Summary. The Program Summary also lists your "GPA Hours," which is the total credit hours that are factoring into your cumulative GPA calculation.

Within your Degree Progress Report you will find your Major GPA. The Major GPA only includes courses that are specifically required for your major. For questions please see your advisor.

To learn more about Grades and GPA, check out the Grades information provided by Student Central on Union.

Target GPA Calculator

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